A change of ownership from one person or party to another. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
On the London Stock Exchange, the form signed by the seller of a security authorising the company to remove his name from the register, and substitute that of the buyer. Exchange Handbook Glossary

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I. transfer trans‧fer 1 [trænsˈfɜː ǁ -ˈfɜːr] verb transferred PTandPPX transferring PRESPARTX
1. [transitive] FINANCE to move money or investments from one account or institution to another:

• Customers can transfer money instantly, using the bank's automated machines.

• One reason investors transfer annuities is to get a higher level of benefit.

2. [transitive] to move something from one place or position to another:

Production from both units will be transferred to other centres.

• Brazil is in the process of transferring its state-owned mills to private ownership.

3. [intransitive, transitive] HUMAN RESOURCES to move from one place or job to another, or to arrange for someone to do this:

• The company transferred hundreds of jobs to Mexico.

• Ms. Martin transferred from Houston to her current job in Los Angeles after being promised promotion.

4. [transitive] to pass a telephone call from one telephone to another, or computer files from one computer to another:

• Hold on, let me transfer you.

• The technology will be very useful to companies that routinely transfer documents electronically.

  [m0] II. transfer trans‧fer 2 [ˈtrænsfɜː ǁ -fɜːr] noun [countable, uncountable]
1. the process by which someone or something is moved from one place or position to another:

• The cuts will be achieved through a combination of layoffs, retirements and job transfers.

ˈfile ˌtransfer
COMPUTING the process of moving computer Files from one computer to another:

• The system allows file transfer between computers nationally and internationally.

2. a change in the ownership of money, property etc from one person or organization to another, or the arrangements for doing this:

• The legal environment for share transfers in Russia is still unclear.

• The Land Registry records every property transfer.

ˈbank ˌtransfer BANKING
when money is sent, usually electronically, from an account in one bank to an account in another:

• Payment can be made either by credit card or bank transfer.

ˌblank ˈtransfer
FINANCE a document given to someone lending money when shares are being offered as security in case the loan is not repaid. The lender's name can be written onto the blank transfer if the loan is not repaid, and the shares will then belong to them
ˈcable ˌtransfer BANKING
another name for telegraphic transfer
ˈcapital ˌtransfer
FINANCE when money for investment goes from one country to another; = CAPITAL FLOW:

• Capital transfers from rich to developing countries have grown sharply.

ˈcredit ˌtransfer BANKING
a way of sending money directly from one bank account to another without using a cheque etc:

• Electronic credit transfer is an increasingly popular method of sending money abroad.

ˌteleˈgraphic ˌtransfer BANKING
a quick method of sending money abroad, by moving money from one account to another using telex:

• We will send the money by telegraphic transfer.

ˈwireless ˌtransfer BANKING
another name for telegraphic transfer
ˈwire ˌtransfer BANKING
another name for telegraphic transfer — see also deed of transfer

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transfer UK US /trænsˈfɜːr/ verb (-rr-)
[T] to move someone or something from one place to another: transfer sb/sth to sth »

The company is to transfer 1500 jobs to India by the end of the year.


Anyone transferring a pension from one company to another could be hit by early exit penalties.


The idea is to transfer all the firm's operational business to the web.

[I or T] WORKPLACE to change to a different job, team, place of work, or situation, or to make someone do this: transfer to sth »

A small number of employees will be offered a chance to transfer to California.

transfer sb to sth »

The manager transferred him to another store.

transfer between sth »

You can transfer between ISA providers during the tax year.

[T] BANKING, FINANCE to move money from one account to another: transfer sth to/into sth »

The money will be transferred into your bank account.


He opened an instant access account and transferred his savings.

[T] IT to move data from one computer, system, etc. to another: transfer sth to sth »

All forms have been transferred to disk.

[T] LAW to make something the legal property of another person: transfer sth to sb »

Married couples do not have to pay this tax if property is transferred from one to the other after death.

[T] COMMUNICATIONS to pass a phone call from one phone to another: transfer sb to sb »

Please hold while I transfer you to my supervisor.

transfer UK US /ˈtrænsfɜːr/ noun
[U] the process of moving someone or something from one place to another: »

Very little of the bank's business will be affected by the parent group's transfer of jobs to Asia.


Technical problems were delaying the money transfer.

[C] an occasion when someone or something moves from one place to another: »

Many merchants who prefer electronic transfers to dealing with the paper checks.


This account requires 14 days' notice for transfers out.


He loved living there but had to sell because of a job transfer.

[U] LAW the act of making something the legal property of another person: »

You will need to pay a solicitor to handle the transfer of ownership of the property from the seller to you.

See also BALANCE TRANSFER(Cf. ↑balance transfer), BANK TRANSFER(Cf. ↑bank transfer), BLANK TRANSFER(Cf. ↑blank transfer), BOOK TRANSFER(Cf. ↑book transfer), CABLE TRANSFER(Cf. ↑cable transfer), CAPITAL TRANSFER TAX(Cf. ↑capital transfer tax), CREDIT TRANSFER(Cf. ↑credit transfer), DEED OF TRANSFER(Cf. ↑deed of transfer), FILE TRANSFER(Cf. ↑file transfer), TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER(Cf. ↑telegraphic transfer), WIRELESS TRANSFER(Cf. ↑wireless transfer)

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